Press Pages FlySafair launches packaged holidays

FlySafair launches packaged holidays
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Low-cost carrier FlySafair has announced a partnership with local company Tripco to launch FlySafair Holidays, which will allow passengers to book both flights and accommodation from a single portal.

FlySafair said that accommodation options include a wide array of BnBs, guest houses, hotels and lodges throughout South Africa.

Kirby Gordon, chief marketing officer at FlySafair, said that the airline wanted to expand its offerings to customers and give them the option to book all the elements of a local getaway in one place.

This comes as the whole domestic tourism industry works together toward recovery, he said. He added that Flysafair’s focus on providing value for money will extend to these more budget-friendly package options.

The packages can be accessed through Flysafair’s new holiday website here.

Domestic travel is seen as key to South Africa’s recovery efforts as the country continues to face international restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Statistics South Africa’s tourism report for 2020 showed that foreign arrivals in South Africa dropped by 71% from just over 15.8 million in 2019 to less than five million in 2020

The overall number of travellers decreased by 50.7% over a 15-year period from nearly 24,6 million recorded in 2006 to 12 million travellers recorded in 2020.

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